Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize Healthcare

Even if bitcoin and the cryptocurrency trend turns out to be a massive bubble, the technology that supports the new sector may be here to stay. Blockchain technology has already seen many broad applications in areas separate from cryptocurrency, according to a report by


As recently as a year ago, the groundbreaking effects that blockchain technology would have on nearly every industry were yet to be understood, let alone considered. The leading futurist of 2016, Alec Ross, wrote in his best-selling book, The Industries of the

How This Startup Aims To Improve Medication Adherence Using Blockchain

Incentivizing positive patient behavior through adherence coins, this startup leverages blockchain to improve medication adherence. Poor adherence to prescribed medication, especially in chronic disease management, is a severe challenge for both patients and providers. Half of the 3.2 billion annual prescribed medications dispensed in

Blockchain Healthcare

What is a Blockchain? In general a blockchain is defined as a distributed system which records and stores transaction records. Blockchain more specifically is defined as a shared, immutable record of peer-to-peer transactions built from linked transaction blocks and stored in a